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CSAC / CRESET Menu - For System Administrator

Customized Menu CSAC / CRESET for System Administrator

CSAC - SAC User for having issue with 'Already Logged in'

CRESET - Reset the Locked users.
Customized Menu
Two menu's were customized for DOP System Administrator to release the Users having issues with Already Logged in and Locked Users.
 Finacle Menu for DOP

Release Already Logged in Issues:
Reset the Locked  users:

Pre-requisite to access:
  • Logout the User from which System you are going to invoke the above menu.
  • Delete All the internet temporary files, cookies, etc., using Ctrl + Alt + Delete from Internet Explorer 8.
  • Close IE8 once and the Reopen it.
  • Now loggin as System Administrator, then Invoke
Issues 1
to release the User having issues of "User Already Logged in"

Already Logged in Issue because of
  1. User Close the Browser without Log out.
  2. Session time out.
  3. Could not response from Server.
Issues 2
If User password wrongly entered more than 3 times, user get locked. at that time System Administrator may invoke the above menu to reset the User.
After that User may log in using the Previous Password not a default password

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